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Finding Joy in Jesus -

We all have faith in something. Whether our faith is in our jobs, spouses, economy or our own selves. But, what happens when the object of your faith lets you down? Or disappoints you? Or doesn’t do what you want or expect? Human relationships can be fickle. The economy is not in our control. In fact, nothing is in our control.

Did you know that Jesus has more to say about money than any other topic. He knows how to heal marriages, raise children, navigate friendships, and will show you how to live a life of victory...loaded with joy.

4 white pillar candles that are lit surrounded by evergreens and red berries | the season of advent

Have you ever wondered what the Season of Advent means? Advent is the time for you to prepare you heart and mind for the upcoming celebration of Jesus’ birth.

falling colorful leaves on the ground | welcoming autumn | positively jane

Cooler temperatures. Pumpkin spice lattes. Well…pumpkin anything! Bonfires. Crisp air. Cozy sweaters. Curled up with a good book.

And the leaves.

a sunrise with clouds and a white bird inside a faint circle |things that will not be in heaven | Positively jane

My husband was laying on a bed in the ER. I drove him there in the middle of the night because he was having severe stomach cramps. The doc just came in…

watercolor trees painted on the bottom. Joy to the world The lord has come written | positively jane

As I was thinking about the birth of Jesus I envisioned peace and quiet. A moment of serenity because our savior was born. Mary having an opportunity…

2 hand together in front of the sun and there is a cross on the inside of the hands

We all have faith in something. Whether our faith is in our jobs, spouses, economy or our own selves. But, what happens when the object of our faith lets us down?

small white dog wearing glasses

Do you look at things through the lens of God or the lens of life? What I mean is…how do you process your decisions? How do you process your actions? How do you process your thoughts?

bible surrounded by flowers

Are you caught up in the comparison trap? Others have it…you want it too. New car. New house. New furniture. Vacations. Cleaning ladies. Considerate husbands. Well behaved kids. Savings in the bank. Cute hair…

old woman with her head in her hands looking worried

Do anxiety and fear have a way of just taking over? Taking over your thought process? Your daily actions? Your life?

girl in a lavender field looking into a mirrort

I used to think that I needed to change…me. Everywhere. All over. Inside and out. I was loud. Very energetic. I hugged too much. I made people uncomfortable because of who I was.

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