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Life is like a story...written 1 page at time. Knowing how chapters can sometimes unfold messily, I wanted to create a place where I can share my own life’s journey. Including all the things that I love AND all the things that I have learned. And, through that sharing….maybe help you avoid some of the same potholes and detours that I have fallen into.



What will you find?

My best organization tips for ALL areas of your life
Tools for you to get your finances under control so YOU can be the boss of YOUR money
Tips & tricks for staying sane in a youth obsessed culture
How to make cards and other crafty things
Personal insights and adventures - from ‘Kayak Man’ to ‘Mother’s Day Birds Nests’
Reasons to ‘let go...and let God’

As an ‘older’ woman I have lived a wide open life. I have learned that life is short. Life is not guaranteed. Life is meant to be LIVED. And lived to the fullest with so much joy it overflows into others. I would love you to find that same joy and live your life in victory.

I encourage you to Choose Joy...everyday.





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a bed made with white sheets and comforter

Now, I had been making my bed everyday since…well, since I had children. How could I ask them to make their own bed if mine was an unmade mess, right?

girl in front of a blackboard with a bunch of math problems - trying to find the solution

Are you like me? Do you want an answer or solution to every problem, challenge or thought process? Do you think and ponder over big things…and small things as well?

choose joy daily gratitude journal

I recently started writing in my ‘Daily Gratitude Journal.’ Now, I have tried this before and it never seemed to work for me. I think it did not work because I made it an ‘act of duty’ rather than thoughts from my heart.

old woman with her head in her hands looking worried

Do anxiety and fear have a way of just taking over? Taking over your thought process? Your daily actions? Your life? Are you trying to figure out how to overcome anxiety and fear? Now, some fears are good for you. Fear of getting hit by a car when crossing on a green light…encourages you to […]

How many times have you said that in your life? Well, maybe not those exact words…..maybe a few ‘4 letter’ words were substituted for the word ‘messed’, but you get the idea.
I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have ever felt that way or said it out loud.

house in the middle of a corn field

A house. A home. The American Dream…to own and not rent. To be your own boss in your humble abode. To be able to paint your walls with chalkboard paint, add new cabinets, and throw away that nasty old tub….without having to call maintenance and get permission for, well….anything. My 2 youngest children are married […]

Is balance possible? Photo of assorted fruit on a table

There are so many statements about balance, right? ‘Eat a balanced diet’. ‘Balance your checkbook’. ‘Balance your tires’.

And then there is life balance. ‘Create balance in your life.’ ‘How to find balance?’

national clean your room day. sofa, chairs and pink throw in a living room

National Clean Your Room Day is May 10, 2021 Did you know that there was a ‘Clean Your Room Day’? Nope? Me neither. And then I stumbled across this crazy article and I fell in love with the idea! A day set aside and dedicated to picking up/cleaning your room! A clean and organized room […]

Mothers Day 2021 - Eleanor Jane lying on her side

Happy Mother’s Day. I realize that Mother’s Day might be a tough day for you. For many and various reasons. And, my heart aches for you if that is the case. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to not have a reason to rejoice and celebrate Mother’s Day. And that is pretty […]

open bible with a cup of coffee on a wicker tray

My husband and I recently watched the Mr Rogers movie.  The one with Tom Hanks. It was not at all what I thought it would be. For some reason I assumed that it was going to be like a documentary of his life. It was not.  It was much more than that.  And I loved […]

What do I do now after college graduation? How to be an adult.

So, how do you manage money as a college graduate? How do you pay off all of that debt? Save and start a life?

Inspirational joy quote

Joy is a choice. You can either choose joy…everyday or not. Joy is NOT determined by your circumstances. Joy is an overflow of the heart.

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I love life and all that it has to offer. I love to laugh and have fun. I believe  that the glass is ALWAYS half full and very rarely empty. I encourage women to Choose Joy...everyday. Because why would you want to live any other way?

Through the years, after a whole lot of trial and error, I have found things that I just LOVE. And, since I love them so much I thought you might to love them too. So...what are you waiting for?

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