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Hi. I'm Jane. 

I help women live a better life.

I teach busy women how to eliminate overwhelm, reduce stress...

As a result, each day is approached with confidence and well-being.

I teach busy women how to eliminate overwhelm and reduce stress...

As a result, each day is approached with confidence and well-being.

...AND achieve Financial Freedom through education and empowerment!




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Financial freedom is different to everyone. It can mean being debt-free. Or having an abundant savings account including an emergency fund. It can mean investing your money so that it grows and grows. And it can mean that you found the joy in your money and no longer let it have the upper hand...go on and read and find out!

What is financial freedom?


Financial independence - sounds awesome, right? Do you have any idea how much money you need when you retire?

Would you like to experience financial freedom before you are 65? How does $1mm sound to you?

Go on and read for more...

How to create financial independence 


A budget is your road map to financial freedom. It's the path that you discover and the path that you travel on to get you from where you are now...to where you want to be. Because you won't retire with money in the bank if you don't have a plan to put it there!

What is the purpose of a budget?


An emergency fund is just that...money that you set aside for emergencies. Maybe a job loss or someone gets sick. 

An emergency fund is your safety net in case you fall. So you can pay your bills and don't resort to credit cards...again.

10 reasons you need an emergency fund

👩‍💻 You have a good job and make a good income

💵 You get paid and all is right with the world.

💰 For a few days you are feeling so financially comfortable.

😩 But then you run out of cash and won't get paid for a few more days...

🏥 Even though you vowed this would not happen again...you throw those purchases on the card and pray that there are no emergencies.


🚌 And now you are on the struggle bus because there are bills to pay, a family to feed, a car that needs gas....and you are broke!

Struggling with money is a total drag, right?

I'm a recovering broke girl who made every financial mistake in the book. I went from broke and in debt up to my eyeballs, to living my dream life...with money that works for me...without me working at all.

Whatever income we made...I spent. My husband set aside money in work retirement plans...I set aside none. Because I never thought about getting old...I would be forever young, right? (Me and Rod).

As our income increased so did your lifestyle. Bigger homes. Newer cars. Updated furniture.

We made every financial mistake in the book...and then some more...and we were in financial trouble. Big trouble.

At one point, at the age of 48, I was reading a book on money management. I got to the part that said that many people, when they retire, are so broke that they can only afford Alpo (dog food) to eat. I sat on that sofa and sobbed. Dog food? WHAT?!

That was my wake up call. I went to work. I made a plan. I established a strict budget. I paid off about $100,000 in debt. And I saved and saved and saved some more. I wanted to be the queen of cash!

Currently our money is working for us. My husband is retired and our investments pay us every month without either of us having to work one minute! (well...maybe not my husband.)

I share all of this for a reason.

Let me help you!


I just want to thank you for showing me that it's possible to reach this stage in life and still be not just viable but vibrant! So many of the things I read in your blog echo what has been in my heart for a few years. I've thought so many times that life is a book that we are constantly writing. I feel like this stage in my life is like the last section of the book and I want to make it amazing.

In your blog I see joy, inspiration, creativity, beauty, health, reflection… all anchored in faith. Yep, those are the important things -the things I want to see more balanced in my life. Don't ever doubt that you are inspiring and making a difference.

I just want to thank you for showing me that it's possible to reach this stage in life and still be not just viable but vibrant!

Denise G.

I’ve known her since I was 13 and even then she was crafty, making clothes and being creative. Like a fine wine she keeps getting better with age. Love her.

I am so excited to have found you and your blogs!! I don’t know if I ever told you this to your face, but you were one of the two people that I admired the most!! You’re an amazing person and just have so much knowledge and spunk! Nancy

I've know her since we were 13 and even then she was crafty. 


This was such a beautiful post. Having gone through many trials in the past 3 years, it was a beautiful reminder that God is my shepherd and will never leave or forsake me. Thank you for sharing.

What a thought provoking, peace inducing article. Thank you for the insight and reminders. 

That was such a beautiful post. 


I really enjoy your blog. My favorite post is your craft room tour because for me that is craft room goals. Not so much in the size but just how everything is so well organized. I enjoy all your posts though and love how you share your faith and try to inspire others.

I really enjoy your blog.


Knowing how chapters can sometimes unfold messily, I wanted to create a place where I can share my own life’s journey - including all the things that I love AND all the things that I have learned. We can then fearlessly tackle this road called life....together. And hopefully the ending of YOUR story is one of victory...loaded with joy.

Life is like a story... written 1 page at time.

Choose Joy Everyday!

The overwhelm is real and it is sometimes hard to find the purpose at the end of the day, let alone feel joyful, am I right?

As a wife, mom, grandmother, blogger and business owner I know what it's like to juggle ALL. THE. THINGS. And feel like you scarcely have time for yourself.

My goal is to encourage you to rise above what happens around you and your circumstances so that you are able to choose joy...everyday.

My passion is teaching women how to become empowered with their money and finances. So that the financial overwhelm and stress can be kicked to the curb for good!

You can find out more about me and why I do what I do right HERE.

If it’s about navigating life as a woman, then I am your girl. 

I'm Jane!

Hey there!


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I love life and all that it has to offer. I love to laugh and have fun. I think that the glass is ALWAYS half full and very rarely empty. I Choose Joy...everyday. Because why would I want to live any other way? If you're ready to choose joy in your life, my lifestyle blog for women is for you!

You should know about me!

A few things

I have been married for 40 years…to the same man. Together, we’ve navigated all kinds of life and still smile at one another when we wake up every morning.
Willy retired and I became a blogger!

Some fun facts about me

I have raised 4 children - All are grown and 3 are married. I love being a mom and all that goes with it.
We see them as much as we can and treasure every moment that we do.

Some fun facts about me

I am a follower of Jesus. Everything I do and write about is filtered thru the lens of His love and redemption.
Through Jesus I came to understand that my past does not define who I am. I also found out that I am loved, worthy and definitely enough.

Some fun facts about me

I love to laugh and dress up in costumes. The crazier the costume the better.
I am also known for my loud and crazy laugh.

Some fun facts about me

I am a big time crafter. Currently I am into paper crafting and card making.
You will find me in my crafting creating ALL kinds of things.

Some fun facts about me

I am obsessed with cats - especially lap cats. But my little doggie, Jax, is the best thing that has ever happened to my husband (and me of course).

Some fun facts about me

I became the queen of budgeting when we only got paid 4 times a year. I also used to be a budget counselor.

My heart, and one of my passions is this - I would like every women to know and understand money. 

Some fun facts about me

I am a risk taker who loves adventure. I’ve moved 22 times since I was 20. Packing boxes and clear tape are my friends.

Some fun facts about me

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