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Hey there!

I'm Jane Shine

If you landed on my little slice of the internet you are probably trying to figure out you.

Maybe even trying to find the joy that seems to be missing from your life.

So come on in...

Grab ALL of the resources, trainings, and action steps that will help you live a life of contentment and joy. AND feel emotionally free...all at the same time.

You CAN kick self-doubt and insecurity to the curb....forever!

Encouraging women to choose joy...everyday.

Learn how to navigate ALL of those things that kick you in the butt everyday!


After years of feeling 'broke and frustrated' with my life, and realizing that life was passing me by and I wasn't having any fun...

I decided to STOP letting life's circumstances determine who I really was. I decided that I wanted (and needed) to rise above those pesky circumstances and choose to live a life of joy instead.

I put a plan in place and was able to turn it all around. Currently I am living a life that I only dreamed of.


I took a hard look at our finances and decided that I wanted to be the boss of my money. I wanted to tell it what to do. I created a plan and worked the plan. I was ruthless...because I had dreams.

I took a hard look at my attitude, my thoughts, my heart. I took a hard look at my emotional goals - and deleted or changed all that did not serve ME well.

I've been where you are. 


I wanted Joy. Freedom. Wealth. I wanted the shoes, the house AND the vacations! And...I wanted to be joyful all along the way!

It's the simple 'change of heart' that I love to teach. Because it yanks you off the happy/angry/frustrated hamster wheel and puts you into a place where you can make changes for the good.

My passion is teaching women how to become empowered in their own lives. So that those pesky circumstances don't determine who you really are.

And this means YOU!

What if....everything you did all day was an opportunity for you to experience joy? From the mundane and routine to the exciting.

What if....those positive thoughts were with  you all day, giving you what you needed in order to choose joy....everyday?

What if....you could wake up every day where focusing on the good and the positive was a natural extension of who you really are?

What if it's a lifestyle?

What if joyful living isn't a

let me ask you...


The Joyful Living Quickstart Guide will show you how to start living a joyful life in 5 simple steps.
It's a game changer.

Even if....
You're overwhelmed with paying bills
You are stressed about putting food on the table
You have too many distractions
You're finding it hard to rise above your circumstances
There are a ton of things around the house that need to be fixed

Ready to begin living a truly authentic and joyful life each and every day? 

Quickstart Guide

The Joyful Living


Not sure where to begin?

Tools to get you started

Joyful Living Quickstart Guide

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How to begin living a joyful life in 5 simple steps.

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I just want to thank you for showing me that it's possible to reach this stage in life and still be not just viable but vibrant! So many of the things I read in your blog echo what has been in my heart for a few years. I've thought so many times that life is a book that we are constantly writing. I feel like this stage in my life is like the last section of the book and I want to make it amazing.

In your blog I see joy, inspiration, creativity, beauty, health, reflection… all anchored in faith. Yep, those are the important things - the things I want to see more balanced in my life. Don't ever doubt that you are inspiring and making a difference.

I just want to thank you for showing me that it's possible to reach this stage in life and still be not just viable but vibrant!

Denise G.

I’ve known her since I was 13 and even then she was crafty, making clothes and being creative. Like a fine wine she keeps getting better with age. Love her.

I am so excited to have found you and your blogs!! I don’t know if I ever told you this to your face, but you were one of the two people that I admired the most!! You’re an amazing person and just have so much knowledge and spunk! Nancy

I've know her since we were 13 and even then she was crafty. 


This was such a beautiful post. Having gone through many trials in the past 3 years, it was a beautiful reminder that God is my shepherd and will never leave or forsake me. Thank you for sharing.

What a thought provoking, peace inducing article. Thank you for the insight and reminders. 

That was such a beautiful post. 


I really enjoy your blog. My favorite post is your craft room tour because for me that is craft room goals. Not so much in the size but just how everything is so well organized. I enjoy all your posts though and love how you share your faith and try to inspire others.

I really enjoy your blog.


from figuring it out to knowing it... all :)

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Not your average blog

This is where I share the experiences in life that mold and shape me as I live each day.

The ups and the downs. The pretty and not so pretty.

All in the quest to living the best life possible. My messy joyful life.

And, just for you, you get fresh hot off the press freebies, checklists, masterclasses, courses and more.

Jane is looking through a bouquet of sunflowers

shhh....want to know a secret?

Joyful living is not about sweeping everything around you under the carpet and pretending it doesn't exist. 

It's not just for women who have everything they ever wanted or dreamed of having.

It's not something that you can buy. It's not just for people who have it all together.

Joyful living IS all about learning how to become your best self. The self that loves what you see in the mirror and loves all life has to offer.

From the mundane to the exciting in ALL aspects of your life. From hanging in the kitchen, self care, budgeting your money, planning your day to day activities, and going on vacation.

Live the life you want.

Grab ahold of a life you love.

Isn't it time that you learned how to:

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Find YOUR joy!

Learn how to kick anger, stress and irritation to the curb forever! So you can live a life of joy....everyday!

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