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Encouraging women to choose

Encouraging women to choose joy...



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Finding Joy in ALL things -

'Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get.' True statement, right?

Your life is a culmination of your past, present, and any decisions you make that will affect your future.

Whether all is going good...or not. When you learn how to find joy in ALL things...YOUR life will be simpler and easier to navigate.

3 year old girl riding a horse without a harness. She is wearing blue sweatshirt with white stars and a stars and stripes helmet. She looks like a super hero. | are you letting fear lead your life | Positively Jane

You know what? You are not in complete control your life…no matter how hard you try. Many things will happen around you. Things that YOU did not initiate

woman holding iphone showing all her apps | stop the overwhelm | change the importance | Positively Jane

I took a hard look at my apps the other day and removed the ones that just get in my way. I removed the ones that made me feel bad. I asked myself…

girl sitting on exercise mat with pink weights and stretching | 15 healthy daily habits \ Positively Jane

Even though you might not even realize it…you have habits. You might even call them routines…but a routine is still a habit.

little girl sitting on a bed and playing with wooded blocks and shapes | fun family games | Positively Jane

Looking for some fun family games….to keep them off of their phones? How do you keep the little ones entertained when they come to visit? I guess you could plop them in front of the tv and watch a movie together but, in my humble opinion…that’s no fun. Where is the interaction? My family loves […]

debt to income ratio | girls counting money with calculator

Full confession…I never knew what a debt-to-income ratio was until recently. Not sure why that is…maybe it is because I have no debt. And, as retired people, our income is on the lower scale of incomes. PLUS, I am not trying to buy any new purchases that are large.

Today I choose joy written on a background of balloons |reclaim your joy | Positively Jane

Life has been pretty crazy lately, don’t you agree? There is weather. And a pandemic. And voting. And opinions. And people…

3 halloween treat boxes in a row | halloween treat boxes | Positively Jane

Halloween is one of my favorite times to make little gifts for my friends and family. Sometimes I create my own box…today I grabbed the Lawn Fawn Scallop Treat Die. So so fun.

2 hand made cards made out of pattern paper. One says 'All the thanks' and the other says 'hugs' | pattern paper cards | Positively Jane

Are you a collector of pattern paper…and then never use it? I know I am. I have so many 6×6 pads it’s crazy. So, rather than creating a background from scratch…I grabbed pattern paper and kicked it up a notch!

3 jars of homemade mustard sitting on a table | homemade whole grain mustard | Positively Jane

You can make mustard at home for pennies on the dollar. And, it tastes so much better than anything you buy at the store. You can make it spicy or mild. So…here you go…













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Hey there! I'm Jane!

Welcome to Positively Jane!

I love life and all that it has to offer. I love to laugh and have fun. I believe  that the glass is ALWAYS half full and very rarely empty. I encourage women to Choose Joy...everyday. Because why would you want to live any other way?

Through the years, after a whole lot of trial and error, I have found things that I just LOVE. And, since I love them so much I thought you might to love them too. So...what are you waiting for?

Everyone has a            - right?




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My Joyful Living Quickstart Guide will show you the 5 simple steps to take so you can quickly begin living a life full of joy.

Simply opt-in below and it will be delivered directly to your inbox.

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