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flower vase with flowers on a pedestal with the words 10 bible verses for worry and anxiety

Fear, worry and anxiety. Three incredibly powerful, and sometimes debilitating emotions.  Am I right?

cup of hot coffee sitting next to an open bible with water in the background

Are you struggling right now? Are you worried? Anxious? Fearful? Depressed?

mary on a donkey and joseph leading her with the star of jesus in the sky

Do you have Christmas traditions? Things you do year after year? Things that maybe your adult children now do too? We are a family of traditions. My oldest is 46 and my youngest is 27. And, for the most part, everything is still the same. Regardless of what house or what country we have lived […]

woman holding babies foot

My daughter is pregnant with her 1st child. She is a tad nervous about being a new mom, as can be expected. I think anything new, for the 1st time, is scary.

girl looking up to God

Are you a list maker?  Or do you run by the seat of your pants?  If you don’t make lists, can I ask….how do you remember everything? Is your mind just so awesome that you forget nothing or do you not care if you forget, or….something in the middle? In typical Jane fashion, I make […]

A few months ago, while I was singing in church (the only place I am allowed to sing cause I am so bad :), I was moved to tears….because I was thinking about women and their hidden struggles with their lives.

When you look at the above picture what do you feel? What do you see? What comes to your mind? Do you feel peace and tranquility? Does it make you want to lean in and take a bit or grab a cherry?

girl sitting on the dock, at sunset, with her head on her knees praying

Let’s face it. Fear, doubt, anxiety and depression can creep into our lives at any time. Right? How about some prayers to help you through it?

A few things to help you with your Bible Studies… JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Edited for 2023 – This year I grabbed the PDF ‘Victory in Jesus‘ from Well Watered Women. Join me if you can. It’s a digital download so no need to wait for […]

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Prayers for fear, anxiety and stress. Print them out and keep them close to you. Pull them out whenever you feel like God is not with you.