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It seems that, for some reason, we have lost our way as it pertains to kindness. We seem to think that it’s ok to be mean. To criticize. To mock or ridicule. To offer unsolicited negative comments. To put down and condemn. I find that just so sad. I wonder if it’s the fact that we are hidden from view and the other person can’t see us. We believe we are ‘anonymous’. I really don’t know. 


     The 30 day

Random Act of



What I do know is this….we need to be kind in this world. We need to smile more. Think of others more. Offer words of affirmation rather than words that hurt. Personally, I think that a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ is just amazing. Rather than hiding to be mean….let’s hide to be kind. What do you think about that? 

So, what is a Random Act of Kindness exactly?

A ‘Random Act of Kindness’ is this: 

Doing something without expecting anything in return, without being told or even asked. 

Like holding the door open. Buying someone lunch. Taking cookies to a friend. Sending a card for no reason. Paying for a dessert or a meal. Offering to help. Or, even just smiling at someone. 

And, many times, all of these Acts of Kindness are done anonymously. Either we don’t know who the person is….or it’s a secret.

It is an opportunity for you, your kids, your grandkids, husband, mom, dad, or friend to complete at least 1 random act of kindness every day.  Just 1. You can do that, right?

A random act of kindness can definitely spread like a forest fire.  I am hoping that we can fan the flame and spread kindness all over the world. Sounds great right?

It is a 30 day challenge.  All you have to do is ONE 
Random Act of Kindness each day.

And, GUESS WHAT? I have created 120+ ideas for you, journal pages AND cards to give out to your 'recipients.

Now, because I love kindness so much I have put together a 30 Day
‘Random Act of Kindness’ challenge

This challenge has been designed with adults and children in mind.  There are Random Act of Kindness Cards to pass out for both adults and kids.  Journal Pages, Calendar pages and 120+ ideas.

PLUS, you have an opportunity for you to post your Random Acts of Kindness on Social Media.  You can post photos and videos too!

Why this challenge?  

What is the challenge?  

AND...it's only $7!

Unlimited downloads for these journal pages and RAK cards

• 120+ different ‘Random Act of Kindness’ ideas for you (I keep thinking of more and adding them). There are ideas for both adults and kids.

• Random Act of Kindness’ cards for you to print out and give to everyone who receives one of your random acts of kindness. (they are pretty cute I must say).

• Random Act of Kindness’ journal pages. This is where you can log all of your RAK’s because sometimes it is hard to remember. And it’s fun to look back. There is one for adults and one for kids.

• Random Act of Kindness’ calendar. A great place to check off your 30 days!


What's included?

Each week, for the next 4ish weeks you will receive:

•  25+ ideas
•  Random Act of Kindness Journal (kids & adults)
•  Random Act of Kindness Cards (kids & adults)

Are you ready?
This is going to be so fun - I promise. 

Don't forget...It is only $7!

What happens?

Were you the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness? If so, did it even came with a card?

Are here out of curiosity?


Are you here because you love a challenge?

Or, maybe you landed here by mistake

With all of that said...how did you land here? 

So fun, right!
And, you what?
 This challenge is for you too!

Question for you?

✨Head on over to 'THE Random Act of Kindness' post. Let me know what is going on in the comments at the bottom of the post.

✨If you are on Instagram tag #PJRAK. Let me know what you did and the reactions of all involved.

So, go on and get out there. Change a few lives. Make a few people smile. Help out someone who may be in need. Or is lonely and needs a kind smile or a helping hand.

Don’t forget to write them all down in your journal pages.  
Don’t forget to include a card.

I can’t wait to see what you do!

I will share all the things that you are doing (anonymously of course) on social media.

And, if you don't mind...

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Unlimited downloads for these journal pages and RAK cards

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