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Encouraging women to choose joy...

Encouraging women to choose joy...



Hi! I wanted to share with you some information on how my blog works. Please know that I only use & share what I love. NO exceptions.

I participate in several affiliate programs. That means I receive a commission when products are purchased through the links I provide (at NO additional cost to you.) This allows me to bring you more posts & videos!

I buy most of my own supplies. Occasionally, I do receive products to work with. Whenever I do, I will note this in my posts.
I do not do paid reviews.

I do not do sponsored posts (where the company pays me to talk about a product.)

Companies will sometimes send me products (such as new stamps from a release) as a gift, not a payment. There are no expectations to use them. If I like them (and have the time!), I will use them. This product is not payment for work.

Regardless, I will never share a product I do not like. What I use on my blog is what I truly like, regardless of how I obtained it.

Even if I am given a product, it will go unused, given away or sent back unless I truly love and recommend it.

I will not bad-mouth a product or do a negative review.

I never promote a product just because a company has asked me to – I promote what I love.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me and supporting Positively Jane.

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