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Big Hugs, Jane
  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m worried about my sons who will work so hard(2nd one)evry 6 months) before earning he will be come so confused,drinking disappointing his masters then the first one after getting paid he will rake his pay and drink it (booze)after all this things won’t go to work.The next the family will start gossiping making jokes out of me,not telling what’s the problem is.I’m so stressed dont know what to do.

  2. Julie Tolliver says:

    Hello Rebecca be it’s really strange I came across your website right now in my Iife this very morning I am. fighting fear fighting anxiety praying so hard that God take it from me my friend my best friend is on a ventilator for the third strait day I cannot see her and my heart is breaking I know God is in control of everything I love the Lord and.put all my trust in him but my fear and anxiety seems overwhelming in honest I am just flat out scared of losing my friend thanks for helping me some ways to ask God to help me I love the Lord 🙏 so much ❤️

  3. Rebecca says:

    Please pray with me. My job is being hijacked, IAM humiliated before subordinates, my heart is bleeding greatly. Need a miracle in this situation Lord because I have failed to fathom with my own understanding. I feel I can’t take this anymore and yet still I need my job. Jesus please rescue me

  4. I ask for prayer for me and my son’s our names are Micah, Tristan, and Justin! I just came across your sight and I love it. Thank u so much

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Micah – definitely praying. Big Hugs

    • Lily says:

      Hi please pray for my 23 yr old daughter to get a good job and to be in good health she has a back issue. Also please pray for y my neighbours who are harrassing us from the last four yrs which has affected my husband very very badly

  5. Monica says:

    I am praying for you too, Sister in Christ.

  6. Lily says:

    Please pray with me lately I haven’t been myself it seems I’m dealing with anxiety and everyday seems dreading. I can’t go a day without feeling dizzy. Not even the ER could give an explanation. I been praying to god and I would sure appreciate your prayer
    God bless
    God bless

    • Showit User says:

      I will definitely pray for you. Lean into God. Read what He teaches about anxiety. Try to not pay attention to anything OUT of your control.

    • Toni Fluin says:

      Lily, I am also feeling the same as you describe, I’m 68 yrs old and never have I suffered with anxiety or depression or any mental health problems. I’ve been getting what I can only describe as panic attacks for the last 5 weeks and they came right out of the blue.

      • Showit User says:

        I am so sorry. Panic attacks are rough. Maybe try and figure out what the triggers are….and lean into Jesus for your comfort.

  7. I just came across pray section please pray for my grand d as daughter she is 16 yrs old and us struggling with anxiety
    Also need prayers for myself I also get anxiety and iui s starting a new job soon

  8. Aloisia says:

    Hello,I come across this page ,I have lost my way with Christ and im trying to come back,I’ve had anxiety and depression since I got out of acoma in 2010,I did other substances to calm the anxiety,but recently I had this very sharp heart pain ,and my heartbeat was pumping so fast,I have lost myself throughout the years with my physical mean,ive gone to the Dr and everything looks fine to see if I was diabetic or with my thyroid bcause they said I had a problem with it before but today all the test was good even ekg,so I come to u as to pray for healing of my anxiety.Sorry I wrote this long ,but thank u for reading and God Bless you

    • Showit User says:

      Hi there. I have read your comment and I am praying for you. I would like to ask you to lay all of your anxiety and fears at the foot of the cross. Give it ALL to Jesus. And don’t pick it up again. Because as you know already, fear and anxiety do NOT change the situation…they only change you.

  9. Joan Hays says:

    My 10 year old grandson who is my joy has has a cold and sore throat and passed out at school today. He is going for a COVID-19 test tomorrow. I am so scared for him and for me as I have been with him four days ago . I am sick with worry and anxiety. Please pray and thank you

  10. Kenny says:

    I’m 18 years old. And am suffering from fear and anxiety everyday. I just don’t know, I just worry for no reason.. I do pray to God and I believe he will answer my prayers.🙏🏽

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Kenny. I am so sorry that you are struggling with fear and anxiety. Lay it all at the foot of the cross…give it to Jesus..and don’t pick it up again. He will then help you navigate those waters

  11. Latara says:

    Hi my name is Latara I’m struggling with fear and anxiety everyday thinking Something is going to happen to me for no reason. I have been to doctors who tell me nothing wrong with me I’m not on my death bed with any illness. Why does these thoughts keep worrying me. I need peace to live my life fully and move forward to grow old with my children I’m only 32.

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Latara – fear and anxiety are real emotions for sure. I would like to suggest that you find scripture that states that Jesus is with you and takes care of you. And then memorize those verses. When the fear takes over repeat those verses over and over…while taking a deep breath – knowing that HE is in control. And loves you so very much

  12. Essie Jones says:

    I am awake at 3 am. My brother has been missing for 4 days. Please pray for his safe return. In Jesus’s name.

  13. Hi
    I just came across this website I’m Pearl, 29 years old I’ve lost my job earlier this year, i have so much debts, I’m staying with my Son and my little brother I’m renting studying part time. I’ve been getting a UIF money since I lost my job and i havent got it dis month i have to pay rent, buy food it’s just too much I’m so stressed. I’ve been applying i went for an interview last week and I’ve been waiting for a response because i really need this job. I can’t sleep, i feel like I’m depressed i just cry for no reason. Please pray for me

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Pearl – thanks so much for your note. I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time right now. I will definitely pray for you and everything that you are going through. I hope you can get a job soon.

  14. Barbretta Marshall says:

    I am fearful of man. Every time I’m asked to.pray or to bring the word I get so nervous and afraid. One time I was so fearful I couldn’t even hold the phone on our prayerline. I was so embarrassed I never tried again. They still call for me to pray but I’m still fearful. Please pray for me to be delivered. Amen

    • Showit User says:

      Ah. I am so sorry. God is with you. If you trust the people on your prayer line take a deep breath, lean in and pray.

  15. Ella Rosier Small says:

    Pleas pray for me I too have Anxiety and Fear…I find myself over thinking about me or my family member getting sick…

  16. John Joesph Page says:

    I’m worried about my job, I was promised a Formens position. And now the Supervisor is retiring and I just don’t know if it will happen. I’m also dealing with employees particularly one who talks about me and a backstabber. Jealously and intimidated by me . These group has it in for me. I’m all alone with this very stressful. If I can get the Formens job I can continue to lead and make this Department the best it can be. Thank you so much for listening. God Bless in Jesus name Amen

    • Showit User says:

      Hey there John, I wanted to let you know that I received this and have added it to my prayer list. Let me know what happens. And please remember, God IS in control. Merry Christmas

  17. Cherie Pope says:

    I’m a senior with asthma and autoimmune diseases. Although very careful around me regarding Covid19, my caregiver’s pastor has told his congregation not to listen to the news at all. She is not well informed & definitely in denial about Covid19. This scares my very much. I have no family in this state so am dependent upon a caregiver. She contacted me 2 weeks ago saying she was very dizzy. I know she has Vertigo, but the CDC has stated that Vertigo symptoms are Covid19 symptoms. For months she & her family have gather inside of their small church. She has spoken about this pastor for the nearly 2 years she has been with me. It seems that that congregation considers this man as a god himself. My only information is from my caregiver. I’m extremely anxious about her coming back into my small apartment. She told me one of her grown children’s family had tested positive for Covid19.

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Cherie – I am sorry you are having such a rough time. I must admit that I do agree with your caregiver’s pastor. I listen to NO news because none of it is really news…it’s journalism and right now it is designed to create fear. On another note, is she your only choice of caregiver? Can you not contact a service and get another one? This may put your fears at rest.

  18. Emmanuel says:

    Hi am Emmanuel from nigeria, whenever am alone praying i always afraid. Pls pray for me

  19. Tammy says:

    Thank you for the beautiful prayers. I have terrible anxiety. I am waiting for my Covid test… but I feel myself getting sick. I am trying not to be afraid, but I am. I believe in the power of prayer, please pray for me.
    I am praying for all of us 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
    Thank you

    • Showit User says:

      HiTammy. I pray you don’t have Covid. Regardless of what your test results say….lean into the power of Jesus. And pray that God will give you all the peace that you need to accept the outcome…regardless of what it is. Even if it is Covid.

  20. Zomora Gary says:

    Hey I’m so over anxiety 😥 it take over my life can u please say a pray for me I’m 24 after I had my last baby in June I start have anxiety & panic attack ‼️

    • Showit User says:

      Hi am so sorry. Take deep breaths and remember that you are a daughter of the King. Congrats on that new baby! You might have postpartum depression. Talk to your doc.

  21. angel says:

    Hey there, I am suffering from anxiety and some depression. I recently became my eldest brother payee for the Social Security Benefits. He suffers from borderline dementia and he has been doing things that are not good for his health. I am so afraid for him because I have my own things to worry about. In addition, between the months of September-November I have lost 4 cousins to Covid. I lost my brother Luis to it in November 17. Because of all of this I have become depressed to the point that it has affected me with some courses that I need to complete soon for a certification for teaching that I need to complete. Yesterday, I had a meltdown at home. I felt so anxious and helpless. I need prayer to relax and calm down. I am a firm believer of the word of God. I pray everyday and I have offered all of this to him as well. Please put me in your chain of prayers. God Bless You, Angel

    • Showit User says:

      Anxiety is debilitating. I see it in others. Our thoughts determine our actions. I would like you to grab a hold of all those prayers and pray them every day. Open your Bible every day and pray some more. Through the course of time those verses will calm your anxious heart.

  22. Elaine says:

    I lost my mom and brother both to breast cancer, my brother just 5 years ago. I guess because of my family history I worry about things more than the average person. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago and that doesn’t help. For the last year or so I’ve been communicating to my doctors that I don’t feel good. Finally after being the squeaky wheel long enough tests are being done. I feel lousy all the time and its literally gotten worse day by day. Now we find out that my pancreatic enzymes are low. There are only a few things that can cause this. One is chronic pancreatitis (I don’t have), type II diabetes (I don’t have) or pancreatic cancer.

    I have never been so consumed with panic and fear in my life. I’m so scared… all the time. There’s so much I want to do. I want to watch my life grow up. I want to see my daughter’s life take off. I’m not ready to leave yet. I feel like a huge disappointment to God. I should be strong. I shouldn’t let this fear consume me. I should trust and have faith that God will bring me through this. I’m so scared. I was supposed to have an abdominal CT scan on Monday but they called and canceled it because they haven’t gotten the approval from my insurance.

    I’m 56 years old. I don’t want to be this scared. It’s paralyzing.

    • Showit User says:

      Gosh Elaine. This must be paralyzing for you. I am so sorry and will pray for a positive outcome. As a believer in Christ your eternity is sealed…always remind yourself of that.

  23. Elaine says:

    That was supposed to say I want to watch my granddaughters grow up…

  24. Thea says:

    Hello my name is Thea and me and my children really need prayer the enemy is attacking me so bad and I am in fear and have anxiety I had someone call dcs on me.and made.a.bunch of lies up and I have don’t all taht they asked of me to prove those things was false but it’s the enemy I know it is the lady acts like she is on my side but then acts like.she is against me.idk I know I have some nothi g wrong and I just need jesus to protect me and my. Holden right now we have alot going on and. I pray so hard I need jesus to help me I just need him to make.this.stop idk what else to do

  25. Abraham says:

    Hello, my name is Abraham and I have fear and anxiety and it always feel like am dying, i always feel scared that i will lose my life and am 20years old.I believe in the name of Jesus and i know i will surely over come this anxiety called the fear of death.please pray for me.

  26. Erin says:

    My name’s Erin and my husband and I fight so often. He thinks I lie and cheat. He gets mad at me all the time as is unstable sometimes. When we’re good, we’re good. When we’re bad, we’re really bad. I’m a forgiver and always take him back. I lost my brother a few short months ago to murder and my dad committed suicide 14 years ago, so I’m struggling to say the least. If I could have some prayers, it would really help me out, because at this point my husband’s plans are to leave me. I want to do what’s best for my life and seek answers as to what I should do.
    Thank you and God Bless you all.

  27. June says:

    Wow I am in that same situation. My boss is so mean and everyone in charge too. I am quite sure my job is going to be taken away but today I say God knows me and my heart, he has something better for me. I have been working there for 20 years and I only have 5 more years before I can retire comfortably but if God has a better plan I pray that it will he reveals it soon.

  28. Hello!
    My son is being asked to declare on a case on an old friend. Speaking the truth will place his old friend in jail. He knows he can’t lie. He was threatened and asked not to say what happened. I ask you to keep him in prayer so that he can do things right. Pray that his anxiety and stress disappear. Pray to keep us all safe and there is no retaliation

  29. Abdel Hall says:

    I’m Abd H from morocco ,I pray my God Jesus for away the fear from life & leave in peace far from my family …
    Please help me in pray of God of me

    • Showit User says:

      Hi from Morocco (one of my travel destinations). I am praying for peace for you too. Grab ahold of God’s truths…and hang onto them always!

  30. Ruth says:

    These prayers are just so amazing! While going through a panic attack I had no idea what to think it pray. I’m just SO grateful to God for this blog! Thank you so much! God bless you!!

  31. Christie says:

    Anxiety is a handicap. I know how you feel. I pray for all who have it. It literally STOPS you from living. I pray so hard for it to go away. Its like your slowly dying everyday and suffering. Lord JESUS please hear our prayers. In JESUS holy name.

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Christie. I totally agree. It is a handicap. I would like to suggest that you tell all of those anxious thoughts to get behind you and then focus on scripture and what God has to say. It will be difficult at 1st…like quitting drinking or smoking. But, second by second, then minute by minute….and soon month by month you will be able to rise above all of that anxiety.

  32. Sarah says:

    I have had anxiety and fear lately, especially after watching the news. There are so many negative stories, terrifying stories that I can’t get out of my head, and I lay awake many hours at night worrying. I need peace, and to know that God will protect my family and loved ones

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Sarah. The same thing happened to my mom. She realized that she could NOT change anything that was happening…and it was changing her. When she quit watching the news she felt so much better.

  33. Nathan Filyk says:

    Please pray for me, my health, my finances and my family.

    • Showit User says:

      I sure will!

      • Buttercry says:

        It’s already 2:30am, I just finished watching an episode and when I tried to sleep, all my fears and anxiety is stabbing my brain to the point that I really cried. 😭😭😭 I am so scared of tomorrow, scared for my families life, safety and health. Thou, I always pray but I don’t why I am always being like this, I felt like I want to escape from difficult challenges when it comes to my family. 😭😭😭 I love them so much and I can surrender my life for them 😭😭😭 please pray for my families safety, health and also financially. I am so sorry I just don’t know where to open my situation everynight. Thank you and God bless

        • Showit User says:

          Ah man. I am so sorry. Those anxious thoughts in the middle of the night can be some of the worst. Grab your Bible and read read read. Take in everything that God has to say. Especially what He says about fear and anxiety. Take deep breaths and know that HE is God. And that NONE of your worry, fear or anxiety will change the situation. The only person it is change is you.

  34. Rosette says:

    Hi there. I really need a support prayer. I m facing a very difficult moment right now. My left and right is full of problems. But I know Jesus will help me through.
    I have my brother who’s not yet a born again Christian. And he is drinking and smoking in the way that he can’t go to work. And he is not listening to any advice. Its seems like he’s forgetting about everything he is causing to people. All my family abandoned him. We’re in a foreign country. I don’t know what to do. This thing is eating in me and I face so much trouble because of him. Please support me in prayer. I’m young than him. My big brother who could help, he is not saying anything and I don’t have proper relationship him him.
    My own marriage is not going anywhere. I’m married with a man who has been separated with his wife for 9 years before we meet. Now our church said we are living in sin because he hasn’t divorce her yet. We’re trying to finalize the divorce papers but seems things are just delaying. We are living in same house but not intimate. It’s not easy.
    I feel I’m loosing my mind. Please help me to shake the throne of grace and mercy of God to intervene for me. Our finances are not enough. I’m the one supporting all our needs. Please help me I’m very sorry for all my sins and the sins of my parents and brothers.
    I want God to help me out in Jesus Christ name.

  35. Madrona says:

    Please pray for me, I am drowning in debt and I am anxious already how to pay it or if I might go to prison. I can hardly sleep at night. I need someone to talk to and comfort me.

    • Showit User says:

      I am so sorry. Debt is a terrible burden to bear. There are financial counselors for this type of thing…try and find one thru Google.

  36. Natalie says:

    Rosette, You are carrying a heavy burden for your brother. This burden is not for you to carry but the Lord to carry. Give your heavy burdens to God. Just tell God what you said on this page and he will hear you. Trust and believe this scripture my dear sister. Matthew 11:28-30
    Then Jesus said, “Come to
    me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give

  37. Darlene says:

    Please pray for my grandson. He has been having febrile seizures. My anxiety and fears really creep up and get the best of my sometimes. I have been praying to God for him and for me too. Trying to trust and believe is so hard when you are scared.

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Darlene…I am praying. Please remember that there when things are out of your control you can’t do anything but pray and trust. Worry and anxiety will not serve YOU well. Keep me posted please.

  38. Am really blessed with the prayers and support you give to each other..

  39. Kasande patra says:

    Please pray for me, am always thing about death, but mostly am thinking fearful all the time that some one in my life is going to leave me and I will be alone,

    • Showit User says:

      Hi there. Everyone will be leaving at one point…and you may be alone in a human sense. Remember, God is always with you. Lean into Jesus for your strength. Jane

  40. Angela Young says:

    I woke up this morning feeling so angry and alone. I’m having to sell my home because I can’t afford it any longer and I don’t know where I’m going to live. I have been so focused on Worldly things I’ve shamefully forgotten that Our Heavenly Father is with me always. I’m never alone and He knows which path He has planned for me tomorrow. Today I must pause and readjust my thoughts upwards instead of inward, where I’m filled with doubt and anxiety. There is only one thing that I need to remember in this moment and that is I’m not alone and I must remain faithful. Thank you for this reminder. It has helped me in a time I deviated off path and forgot that He holds the compass for my life and I have much to be thankful right now, in this moment.


    • Showit User says:

      Hi Angela….I am so sorry that you have to sell your house. I have been there and it can be scary. And yes, it’s hard to NOT get caught up in earthly things that involved basic necessities like shelter. So happy that you realize that you are not alone. He holds the compass for your life and will guide your steps. I pray it all works out for you. Jane

  41. Christina says:

    My son is dealing with some speeding tickets he receive and have to go to court for. I pray it don’t affect his career I’m so worried as well as him could you please pray with us and for us We believe in our lord savior that no weapon form against us will prosper amen

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Christina. I will pray that you son can withstand any outcome of his speeding tickets. One of those facts of life…we make mistakes and then might suffer the consequences due to our own decisions.

  42. Cece says:

    I am waiting on diagnostic testing results. I am very worried and scared. It is giving me alot of anxiety and fear. please pray for me.

    • Showit User says:

      Hi Cece. I am sorry you are worried and scared. Please keep in mind that neither of those emotions will change the outcome…they only change you. Hugs. Jane

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