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package wrapped in white paper with a yellow velvet ribbon and a spring of greenery in the package and laying on the side | finding joy in the holidays | Positively Jane

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. But I know that for many people this is not the case. The holidays…

2 white coffee mugs sitting side by side. One is taller than the other | The comparison trap | Comparison is the thief of joy | Positively Jane

Now, when I grew up we did not have Instagram, the Interned (I know, weird right) or Pinterest. The only houses and cars we saw were the ones in our neighborhood or where our friends might live.

5 brown eggs in a clear container and each one has a different fact sharpied on it. One is sad, one is angry, one is surprised and one is puzzled | where do emotions come from | Positively Jane

I am not gonna lie here…I really don’t know a lot about emotions. I know I have them – I feel sad, happy, frustrated, tired (is that an emotion or a state of mind and body?)

journal open and a list on the left that says do yoga and meditate more | the power of habits | daily routine | Positively Jane

What do you do every morning, afternoon or evening? Do you do your laundry the same every time? Fold the shirts the same way? How about the socks?

young girl and older woman hugging. the older woman has a package in her hand | words of gratitude | Positively Jane

I am thankful for the chance to be alive, for the people in my life, and for the opportunity to be able to…

3 year old girl riding a horse without a harness. She is wearing blue sweatshirt with white stars and a stars and stripes helmet. She looks like a super hero. | are you letting fear lead your life | Positively Jane

You know what? You are not in complete control your life…no matter how hard you try. Many things will happen around you. Things that YOU did not initiate

woman holding iphone showing all her apps | stop the overwhelm | change the importance | Positively Jane

I took a hard look at my apps the other day and removed the ones that just get in my way. I removed the ones that made me feel bad. I asked myself…

little girl sitting on a bed and playing with wooded blocks and shapes | fun family games | Positively Jane

Looking for some fun family games….to keep them off of their phones? How do you keep the little ones entertained when they come to visit? I guess you could plop them in front of the tv and watch a movie together but, in my humble opinion…that’s no fun. Where is the interaction? My family loves […]

toddler grinning wildly | reclaim your joy | positively jane

Life has been pretty crazy lately, don’t you agree? There is weather. And a pandemic. And voting. And opinions. And people…

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