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I thought you might like to know who I am….really? Now, this is really a hard question for me to answer, because there are so many phases of me. I have evolved into who I am today….

How Good is Good Enough? A few weeks ago my husband, Willy, was talking to a friend. In the course of that conversation, Willy asked him where he thought he would go when he died.

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Since I started blogging in February I have not had any trouble coming up with ideas for posts. I seem to have more to write than time!

The holidays are a time of gift buying. Or maybe you are like me and make most of your gifts. But either way….my favorite part comes next…the wrapping of those gifts.

I love Christmas.  I love the decorations.  The lights.  The gifts under the tree.  The family getting together.  Even now, I can’t sleep on Christmas eve…

I recently published a post ‘What Does it Mean to be Still?’. (You may want to start there so that this post makes more sense ).

The subject of worry and anxiety have been high on my radar lately.  My husband went on a solo kayaking trip recently. Since then, quite a few people have asked me if I slept at night while he was gone.

Last week, as I was waiting for the fireworks to begin, I observed all the moms watching their kids. It was hard for them to relax because they kept looking for their little ones…

How do you feel about yourself? Have you ever felt unworthy? Or wondered why bad things keep happening to you and think that maybe it’s because of something you did in your past?

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Hey there! I'm Jane!

Welcome to Positively Jane and my little corner of the internet!

I'm an ex broke girl who figured out how to pay off debt, save money, and become financially free. 

And...during the process I learned how to live my best and joyful life!

Through the years, after a whole lot of trial and error, I have found things that I just LOVE. And, since I love them so much I thought you might to love them too. So...what are you waiting for?

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