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hey dad father's day card

I am still obsessed with the Anita Jeram Stamps and Die sets from Colorado Craft Company. I grabbed one stamp set and created 3 different cards. I LOVE making different cards from 1 stamp set! I feel like I get my money’s worth!

little girl sitting on the beach in her bathing suit

In my never ending search for NON-toxic products for your home and body…I discovered Pipette Baby. Pipette Baby has amazing non-toxic products for babies and kids. I was looking for sunscreen for my new granddaughter. I know that conventional sunscreens are so filled with harmful chemicals and I did not want to expose her sweet […]

house in the middle of a corn field

A house. A home. The American Dream…to own and not rent. To be your own boss in your humble abode. To be able to paint your walls with chalkboard paint, add new cabinets, and throw away that nasty old tub….without having to call maintenance and get permission for, well….anything. My 2 youngest children are married […]

Is balance possible? Photo of assorted fruit on a table

There are so many statements about balance, right? ‘Eat a balanced diet’. ‘Balance your checkbook’. ‘Balance your tires’.

And then there is life balance. ‘Create balance in your life.’ ‘How to find balance?’

national clean your room day. sofa, chairs and pink throw in a living room

National Clean Your Room Day is May 10, 2021 Did you know that there was a ‘Clean Your Room Day’? Nope? Me neither. And then I stumbled across this crazy article and I fell in love with the idea! A day set aside and dedicated to picking up/cleaning your room! A clean and organized room […]

girl sittin at desk doing her budget

Are you struggling with your household budget? Sometimes it is hard trying to save money when you know that everyone will need new shoes for school or your refrigerator needs repaired, right? I know exactly how you feel. So, I put together this list for you. 1. Track your spending habits. Before you can establish […]

Mothers Day 2021 - Eleanor Jane lying on her side

Happy Mother’s Day. I realize that Mother’s Day might be a tough day for you. For many and various reasons. And, my heart aches for you if that is the case. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to not have a reason to rejoice and celebrate Mother’s Day. And that is pretty […]

Handmade card featuring cats

I am a cat lover. In fact, almost everyone in my family loves cats too. So, when My Favorite Things (MFT Stamps) released these cat stamps and dies I just HAD to buy them. You get that, right? They were all in a MFT Stamps kit which includes an inspiration guide with photos.

open bible with a cup of coffee on a wicker tray

My husband and I recently watched the Mr Rogers movie.  The one with Tom Hanks. It was not at all what I thought it would be. For some reason I assumed that it was going to be like a documentary of his life. It was not.  It was much more than that.  And I loved […]

What do I do now after college graduation? How to be an adult.

So, how do you manage money as a college graduate? How do you pay off all of that debt? Save and start a life?

handmade mothers day card using Anita Jeram Stamps

Colorado Craft Company and Anita Jeram have HIT. IT. OUT. OF. THE. PARK. AGAIN. In my humble opinion. They came out with a bunch of new stamps last winter…and have continued to release them over the past 3ish months. I LOVE the illustrator style of coloring. Right up my alley – NO blending. Harsh lines […]

Inspirational joy quote

Joy is a choice. You can either choose joy…everyday or not. Joy is NOT determined by your circumstances. Joy is an overflow of the heart.

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