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Encouraging women to choose

Encouraging women to choose joy...




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Finding Joy in everyday living - 

Wouldn't you LOVE to live a life of joy? How about being able to choose joy....everyday? Sounds great, right?

Now, living a joyful life may not come naturally to you. Why? Because a joyful life comes from within. It lets go of ALL the external circumstances and chooses joy instead.

You too can life a truly authentic and joyful life.

Let me show you how. 

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woman running thru a wheat field in a white dress holding a large white cloth that is billowing behind her as she runs | how to put joy in your finances

How to put joy in your finances. I remember when I was a kid and I would make pot-holders. Did you do that too? And, I walked (alone) around our neighborhood and sold them. 1 for 25¢ and 3 for 50¢! I know…slave labor. But, that was back in the day when I could buy […]

package wrapped in white paper with a yellow velvet ribbon and a spring of greenery in the package and laying on the side | finding joy in the holidays | Positively Jane

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. But I know that for many people this is not the case. The holidays…

2 white coffee mugs sitting side by side. One is taller than the other | The comparison trap | Comparison is the thief of joy | Positively Jane

Now, when I grew up we did not have Instagram, the Interned (I know, weird right) or Pinterest. The only houses and cars we saw were the ones in our neighborhood or where our friends might live.

toddler grinning wildly | reclaim your joy | positively jane

Life has been pretty crazy lately, don’t you agree? There is weather. And a pandemic. And voting. And opinions. And people…

finding joy in all things - bowl of yarn

Finding Joy in all things. ALL things? I can hear you yelling at me over the internet – ‘What?!

difference between happiness and joy | toddler sitting on a bench, holding a bible, and laughing hard

Happiness…joy…happiness…joy. Are they the same thing or aren’t they? What do you think?

what does god say about joy text over a bible

Earthly and Biblical joy. Aren’t they one and the same? Isn’t joy…joy. The answer is yes…joy is joy. The difference is in what you believe.

what is joyful living text over a bike on the beach

Joyful Living is a mindset. It is an attitude. It is not a sum total of all the choices that you make…

5 simple steps to choosing joy text over a coffe cup on the table

Choosing Joy! Did you know that joy is a choice? That it does not come naturally. That when you choose to live a life of joy you CHOOSE to rise above your circumstances …

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Hey there! I'm Jane!

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I love life and all that it has to offer. I love to laugh and have fun. I believe  that the glass is ALWAYS half full and very rarely empty. I encourage women to Choose Joy...everyday. Because why would you want to live any other way?

Through the years, after a whole lot of trial and error, I have found things that I just LOVE. And, since I love them so much I thought you might to love them too. So...what are you waiting for?

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My Joyful Living Quickstart Guide will show you the 5 simple steps to take so you can quickly begin living a life full of joy.

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