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debt to income ratio | girls counting money with calculator

Full confession…I never knew what a debt-to-income ratio was until recently. Not sure why that is…maybe it is because I have no debt. And, as retired people, our income is on the lower scale of incomes. PLUS, I am not trying to buy any new purchases that are large.

white mug with a polar bear wearing a red and white scarf surrounded by cookies | Christmas on a Budget 2| 5 Ways To Start Saving Now | Positively Jane

Does the holiday season seem to catch you off guard…every single year, even though Christmas is December 25 EVERY YEAR?

girl holding a snowball in her hand that is in the shape of a heart

Struggling to pay off debt? Ready to get those credit card balances to ZERO. Ready to have cash in the back and stop the ‘I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go’ song?

girl sitting on computer paying with a credit card

Do you have credit card debt? How about other debt? Wouldn’t you just love to pay off those bills, stop paying interest, and have extra cash in YOUR wallet?

man and woman sitting on a bench arguing

So, how do you, as a couple, mesh your different thought processes together and agree. Because agreement is really important here. 80% of the root cause of all divorces is money.

girl holding a fan of money in front of her face | purpose of a budget

The purpose of a budget…is an opportunity for you to plan ahead financially, create and organize your financial goals, and track your spending habits. ALL of this happens so that you can improve your financial situation.

10 tips to managing a house hold budget | woman sitting on a bench drinking coffee with notebooks on her lap

A budget is a plan for YOU to tell your money where to go…rather than your money bossing you around. In order for that to happen you need to establish a budget based on your income and your spending

house in the middle of a corn field

Saving to buy a house? A house. A home. The American Dream…to own and not rent. To be your own boss in your humble abode. To be able to paint your walls with chalkboard paint, add new cabinets, and throw away that nasty old tub….without having to call maintenance and get permission for, well….anything. My […]

girl sittin at desk doing her budget

Sometimes it is hard trying to save money when you know that everyone will need new shoes for school or your refrigerator needs repaired, right?

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