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A plan.
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I'm Jane Shine and I give women the tools, strategy, and process to create financial independence.

A lot of women say that they know they need to save money. They know that they need to put a plan in place. But they are just unsure on how to even begin.

They assume, that in order to save money, they have to adopt a complicated straight-jacket type of budget and will never have any they just say no.

Your freebie is designed to help you create awareness in your own finances so that you can begin thinking about your 'old age' and put a plan in place for your financial dreams and goals.

It's the same strategy that I put into place when I was younger so that I could live my retirement years in comfort.

As a joyful living blogger I realize that money (or lack of) PLUS the lack of financial knowledge are two of the main reasons that women have difficulty enjoying their lives. Money is one of the biggest joy stealers out there.

Let me show you how to get your finances under control so that you can begin to live your best and joyful life today!

I'm Jane!

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