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Big Hugs, Jane
  1. Peg Foltz says:

    Jane, Thank you for this post, and it reflects how I feel too. I have my 2 young adult daughters who are craving the social interaction they once had, and one is increasing hers again in a careful and safe way because she needs the connection very strongly. My other one also needs that but hasn’t found friends who are ready to come close (even with masks on) and she’s struggling with that. She just started a job at a local pizza place and I’m hoping that will help. As for me, I made 10 cards yesterday using a very quick easy "recipe" from Connie Stewart that were still a bit different from the usual cards, and helped me to whittle down ever so slightly my oversized stash of paper and supplies. And more supplies are coming tomorrow!! Thanks for your newsletters and blog!

    • Jane Shine says:

      Thanks Peg – my sister just called. Her mask makes her feel closed in. She misses her grand children so much it is painful. She told me that she would rather see them and get sick….then feel this heartache every day. It is so crazy that we even have to make those kind of choices isn’t it?

  2. Carla S says:

    Love this!♥️

  3. Robin Reinoehl says:

    Hi Jane. You’re brilliant! You articulated my feelings precisely. My husband and I took a 10-day trip to Colorado, then got caught sheltering in place with the best Besties ever for over TWO months. We’re feeling it’s finally safe to travel (we just rented a van to drive the 15-hours back home to AZ). The AZ governor is “opening the state” even though the incidences are on an increase. But we’re going to do what we need to do to feel safe. Others can do what they need to do.

    Thanks for your post, Jane. We wish you and yours many blessings and peace. – Robin

    • Jane Shine says:

      Thanks so much Robin. I kept thinking…what if they were NOT the best Besties ever…..yikes! Safe travels home

      • Robin says:

        Believe me, we thought that very thing! Almost every day, we all assessed how we were feeling about invading their space. We had no snarky moments or "when are you leaving" comments or any tense feelings being together – AT ALL! For NINE weeks! We did our best to make our stay as un-invasive as possible. My husband cooked most of the evening meals (we all gained 5 pounds!), I’m the clean-up crew, I helped prepare her HUGE woodland gardens for the spring (raking a gazillion aspen leaves and pine needles, pulling multitudes of weeds, rebuilding a dry river bed, refreshing all her planting pots – there was A LOT of grunting and groaning) and we crafted almost every day. I think we made 200 cards. And of course, there was plowing and shoveling from the two huge snowfalls they had. Never a dull moment in the mountains. Oh, did I mention the moose, deer herds, coyote, foxes, chipmunks, squirrels and a plethora of birds that frequent their wonderland. A good time was had by all of us.

  4. Denise says:

    So true! Everything is different. Anxiety is high. Understanding is low. I don’t like this new routine. Life will go on, though, and we just need to keep taking care of each other until we find a way to beat this ugly virus.

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