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Finding Joy in Figuring It Out -

Sometimes it's the little things that can make or break a day, week, or month. This section is devoted to your joyful year! Figure out what kicks you in the butt... and then find the corresponding tip that will help you out!

I'm all about encouraging women to choose joy...everyday.

There are many things that can(and will) kick us in the butt everyday. We can choose to succumb or to rise above and find what brings us joy. 

What does that look like exactly? If you have money woes... learn how to get it under control. If you hate clutter... you will find the '5 minute declutter' life changing. If you are letting fear lead the way... find out how you can be the boss instead.

Everything I write about is to help you figure out your own joyful path. Browse them all so that you can age gracefully while living that satisfying you crave and desire.

Are you letting fear lead your life?

Bite size your to-do list

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Finding Joy in All Things

Life is life. It's messy. It's hard. There are joys. There are tears. Somedays you want to kick the wall and other days you want to hug the world. One day you are happy and the next you are down in the dumps. If you don't want life to turn you into someone you don't even like...learn how to find joy in all things.


3 smoothies in a row. A pink one, yellow one and a green one

One of the best ways to make sure that you age gracefully is to eat healthy meals. Those fruits and veggies are what your body craves and needs.

Woman sitting on a Pilates Reformer | positively jane

First up…let’s talk about our bodies. The minute we are born we age. We get older. You know that right?

older woman in bed stretching | getting older in today's world | positivelyjane

We all get older. In fact, we age every single minute of every single day. And, as you know, we don’t notice it. It’s like watching grass grow…one day it’s short and the next it needs to be mowed again

older man with older woman on his back. both are smiling | choosing a home builder | positively jane

What I mean is…are you who you want to be? Do you like what you see in the mirror? Do you like what others think of you?

3 year old girl riding a horse without a harness. She is wearing blue sweatshirt with white stars and a stars and stripes helmet. She looks like a super hero. | are you letting fear lead your life | Positively Jane

You know what? You are not in complete control your life…no matter how hard you try. Many things will happen around you. Things that YOU did not initiate

girl sitting on exercise mat with pink weights and stretching | 15 healthy daily habits \ Positively Jane

Even though you might not even realize it…you have habits. You might even call them routines…but a routine is still a habit.

girl jumping for joy

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard, probably multiple times, that setting goals is a must.

girl sittin at desk doing her budget

Sometimes it is hard trying to save money when you know that everyone will need new shoes for school or your refrigerator needs repaired, right?

peach ribbon on a package

What happens when you put your ‘desires into the expectation box?’
What happens when desires…that are never communicated, are not met?

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I'm an ex broke girl who figured out how to pay off debt, save money, and become financially free. 

And...during the process I learned how to live my best and joyful life!

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