Are fear, anxiety, doubt and depression robbing you of your joy?

Are your fears and anxiety keeping your from living your best life?

30 Day 'Praying Through the Fear' workbook is perfect for you.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions the


Does your heart race?
Do your palms sweat?
Do you toss and turn all night?
Does your mind keep looping through the same thougts?
Do you think about one worst-case-scenario after another?
Does anxiety keep you from living your best life?

In this workbook you will not only find HOPE in the scriptures, you will...

Identify the trials that you are going through

Find out what God has to say about fear and anxiety 

Learn how to use the tools that God has given to you to combat all of those thoughts from the enemy

Have an opportunity to journal your thoughts and fears

Be able to look back at your workbook and refer to it anytime fear begins to take over your life

Each Day Includes:

Also Included:

A Bible verse pertaining to fear or worry

An opportunity for you to journal ALL of your fears

A prayer section

All 30 Days are designed as scripture cards that you can print out. Each one in the setting of God's beautiful backdrop

Over 100 Pages

Journal Pages

Recently I wrote a blog post called 'Prayers to Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Stress'. It still is one of my most read posts - read by thousands of people. 

So I created the 30 Day 'Praying Through the Fear' Workbook

Are you ready to kick fear, worry and anxiety to the curb?

I have had so many requests for something more.

Something more tangible.

Something that digs into scripture. 

Just for


Why did I create this?

My heart is praying that you do NOT pass up this one.

I have personally been going through a few heartbreaking and potentially mind crippling trials.

These verses, and this workbook, helped me stay on track and not succumb to the fear, worry and anxiety.

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I don't want you to think that this is just one more 'sales pitch'.  

It is my heart, reaching out to your heart, in hopes that your heart will heal.

Fear, anxiety, worry, and depression will steal ALL of your joy...and cripple you from living your best life. 

The best thing is that ALL of the above is only $12.97

Frequently Asked Questions

01. are these pages  printable or will it be shipped to my house?

This 30 Day Praying Through the Fear Workbook is a digital file that you download. You can print it at home.  It is not a physical product. Since it is a digital file nothing will be shipped to the house.

02. Can I share the downloads?

No. ALL downloads purchased from the PJ Shop are intended to be used by the purchaser only. Do NOT copy and distribute. Direct all of your interested friends to the shop.

03. When will I receive my digital product?

Your download will be sent immediately. It will drop into your inbox.

04. I did not receive my digital product.

Check your in-box. Not there? How about your spam folder? Still not there….let us know:

05. Do Ineed a color printer?

If you would like to print in color a color printer will be needed.  You can always take them to a local printing store and have them printed for you. 

06. what is your return policy?

There are no refunds on Digital Products - no exceptions. 





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