Has your craft room/space become the dumping ground for ALL things?
Do you lose your creativity when you walk into your room?
Would you love to have a room or designated space to craft?
Are you tired of not using your supplies...because you can't find them?
Are you tired of your supplies getting ruined?

Maybe your room is neat...for a time and then -

You get everything out for a project and can't seem to find the energy to put it all away....because you don't know where to put it.
Or new products arrive and, since they have no home, you don't use them because you lost them.

Are you ready to get your craft room under control?

Are you ready to get your craft room under control?

So you just leave. Not because you want to...you really do want to create but, you are so discouraged and JUST SO SICK of your room. 

AND, you have NO idea how to even begin to get it under control.


does your craft room look like this?



A messy and unorganized craft room/space is just NOT fun or productive, is it?

An organized craft room is the best kind of craft room - am I right?

What if your room was as organized as this one?

Wouldn't you feel creative? Happy? Satisfied? Content?
ALL of the above?

Well, guess what? I got ya covered! 

Sounds awesome, right?

You do NOT have to figure out how to organize your room all by yourself?
I will teach you ALL of my tips and tricks so that you can get your crafting mojo back?
I will not only help you get it organized I will also teach you how to keep it that way?


What customers are saying:

YOUR craft room is my dream room. I love that you put all of your processes on paper, including videos and how-to's. Thanks so much. I am hoping that my room will look like yours :)

— Cathy R.

What customers are saying:

I have been using your guide to help me organize 2 craft rooms. I am in the purge phase now and it is super helpful - thanks so much.

— Margaret K. 

My craft room has over 43,500 views on YouTube. Why? Because it is amazing.

My craft room has over 41,000 views on YouTube. Why?
Because it is amazing.

(Everyone tells me so :)

This AMAZING resource will save you
so much time and effort.
I did all the work for you :)

ALL the steps and thought processes that I went through to create my craft room are in this guide.

(YOU don't have to spend 2 years doing research!)

You now have access to my brain too! 

Big room or small space...
this guide is for you

After 2 years of planning....it all came together.

So...I put together my Craft Room Organization Guide....

I have had so many questions about my room.

How did I start?
How did I know what I had?
How did I know what I wanted my room
      to look like?
How did I know what containers to buy?
Can you PLEASE help me?

How did I start?
How did I know what I had?
How did I know what I wanted       my room to look like?
How did I know what to buy?
Can you PLEASE help me?    

Just for


The Craft Room Organization Guide will be delivered
directly to your inbox.

There are 6 modules PLUS bonuses

OVER 20 videos

Questions for you to ask yourself before you begin

Photos, images, and storage options

Photos, images, and storage options

How to say organized tips & tricks

Organizational techniques that you can use everywhere

PDF downloads, graph paper and more!


I have broken up this Craft Room Organization Guide into separate modules

Sometimes organization can be overwhleming -
Am I right?

You will received the all of modules after enrolling

In order to eliminate the overwhelm....

Bonus modules will be disbursed throughout

want to know why I think I am Qualified?

want to meet me?

Frequently Asked Questions

01. are these pages  printable or will it be shipped to my house?

This Craft Room Organization guide is an email course. You will receive all of the modules, including videos and PDF downloads, via email. You can print the downloads at home.  It is not a physical product. Nothing will be shipped to the house.

02. Can I share the Guide?

No. ALL products purchased from the PJ Shop are intended to be used by the purchaser only. Do NOT copy and distribute. Direct all of your interested friends to the shop.

03. When will I receive my 1st module?

Your 1st module will be delivered directly to your inbox upon completion of your payment.

04. I did not receive my email

Check your in-box. Not there? How about your spam folder? Still not there….let us know: Hello@positivelyjane.net

05. Do Ineed a color printer?

If you would like to print in color a color printer will be needed.  You can always take them to a local printing store and have them printed for you. 

06. what is your return policy?

There are no refunds on Digital Products - no exceptions. 





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