What if INVESTING could be easy?


Use my binge-able program and step-by-step framework to build your financial security and freedom - in easy to understand videos.


Investing for Freedom

How to Create Wealth in the Stock Market

In this program you'll discover:

The difference between a stock, bond, and all of those other 'things' - The stock market is filled with terms that are confusing. I will break it all down into easy to understand terms and explain it all so that you know exactly what a stock, bond, or mutual fund is.

Why investing matters - Simply put, it's almost impossible to save your way to $1mm...or any large sum of money. In order for your money to grow...without you working 24/7, is to invest your money in the stock market. And let the magic of compound growth and time do their thing.

How to buy a group of stocks and bonds - Getting started is important...but where, right? I will show you how to open an account, which group of stocks/bonds to buy...and then I will actually buy a group and show you how.

The good news is...

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Investing for Freedom is Closed

Hi, I'm Jane Shine.

I'm a recovering broke girl who made every financial mistake in the book. I went from broke and in debt up to my eyeballs, to living my dream life...with money that works for me...without me working at all.

I've been there ...

It's time to stop wondering how...and getting started. Let me show you the way.

Whatever income we made...I spent. My husband set aside a bit of money in work retirement plans...I set aside none. Because I never thought about getting old...I would be forever young, right? (Me and Rod)

As our income increased so did your lifestyle. Bigger homes. Newer cars. Updated furniture.

We made every financial mistake in the book...and then some more...and we were in financial trouble. Big trouble.

At one point, at the age of 48, I was reading a book on money management. I got to the part that said that many people, when they retire, are so broke that they can only afford Alpo (dog food) to eat. I sat on that sofa and sobbed. Dog food? WHAT?!

That was my wake up call. I went to work. I made a plan. I established a strict budget. I paid off about $100,000 in debt. And I saved and saved and saved some more. I wanted to be the queen of cash!

I then realized that my money was doing nothing sitting in savings accounts. So we invested it. And, over time we doubled our money and then some. All due to the magic of Compound Interest.

I share all of this for a reason.


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