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To help you out I have created and put together - just for YOU!


• 120+ different ‘Random Act of Kindness’ ideas for you (I keep thinking of more and adding them). There are ideas for both adults and kids.

• Random Act of Kindness’ cards for you to print out and give to everyone who receives one of your random acts of kindness. (they are pretty cute I must say).

• Random Act of Kindness’ journal pages. This is where you can log all of your RAK’s because sometimes it is hard to remember. And it’s fun to look back. There is one for adults and one for kids.

• Random Act of Kindness’ calendar. A great place to check off your 30 days!


Welcome to the 30 day
Random Act of



Each week, for the next 4ish weeks you will receive:

•  25+ ideas
•  Random Act of Kindness Journal (kids & adults)
•  Random Act of Kindness Cards (kids & adults)

>>> Click on the button below and you will receive your idea list for the 1st week.
>>> You will also receive your Random Acts of Kindness cards and the journal pages (both are PDF downloads).

Each week, for the next 4 weeks, I will send your next 25+ ‘Random Act of Kindness’ ideas for that week. And of course, you can use any of your own that you think of or the ones from the week before.

What should you do?

✨Take a look at the ideas. Pick one to do ahead of time OR as you go about your day, look for an opportunity to gift a RAK. Kids especially love to plan ahead!

✨Include 1 card (or 2) with each of your RAK’s. Hopefully these cards will inspire people to pay it forward and we can spread this like a forest fire!

✨Head on over to 'THE Random Act of Kindness' post. Let me know what is going on in the comments at the bottom of the post.

✨If you are on Instagram tag #PJRAK. Let me know what you did and the reactions of all involved.

✨Share on social media: www.PositivelyJane.net/kindness

So, go on and get out there. Change a few lives. Make a few people smile. Help out someone who may be in need. Or is lonely and needs a kind smile or a helping hand.

Don’t forget to write them all down in your journal pages.  
Don’t forget to include a card.

I can’t wait to see what you do!

I will share all the things that you are doing (anonymously of course) on social media.

Are you ready?
This is going to be so fun - I promise. 

Don't forget...It is completely FREE!!

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What happens?

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