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Encouraging women to choose

Encouraging women to choose joy...



October 2021 Newsletter

Circumstances not the way you would like them to be? Be sure to read Reclaim Your Joy

You might also like How to Find Joy in All Things. And, you might want to find out about the benefits of a Daily Gratitude Journal. Living a life in a state of daily gratitude does not leave a whole lot of room left for anything else.

Do the holidays seem to sneak up on you every year and you just don't seem prepared financially? Be sure to read How to Have a Debt-Free Christmas. You also might like Christmas on a Budget | 5 Ways to Start Saving Now . Another great article to read is How to Have a Debt Free January. Notice any re-occurring theme here?

It is never too early to stock the freezer. Go on and grab my Crock Pot Freezer Meals.

And, if you are looking for a GREAT Christmas gift…start making your Vanilla Extract. You have plenty of time if you start NOW. Easy peasy and oh so good! FREE tag template too.

The colder weather and the central heating can play havoc on our skin for sure. Read all about my favorite skin care AND Skin Care for the Winter. PLUS it is definitely the time of year to Boost Your Immune System. Let your body have what it needs to fight off those germs.

Is life making you anxious right now? If so, please read How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear. Prayers to Overcome Fear is a good one too.

With the holidays fast approaching it might be a good idea to think about organizing now. How to Stay Organized is a good read, as well as, Where Does Organization Begin. Don't forget to read The 5 Minute Declutter which is one of my personal fave things to do.

If life is getting you down Getting Through Tough Times might be a good article for you to read as well.

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