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I searched and searched for NON-toxic cleaning supplies that did not have high minimums or crazy shipping costs. Products that I could order online and have shipped directly to me!

I fell in love with 2 companies - Grove Collaborative and Branch Basics.

Grove Collaborative has many products from many different companies, as well as, their own brands. They have done the homework for you, so you don’t have to. Gotta love NO homework, don’t you think?


Grove Collaborative

Paper towels - tree free
European dish cloth
Kitchen trash bags - 100% recycled and really strong
Laundry detergent - less harmful to the environment
Bubble Up Dish Soap Dispenser and Brush Kit
Modern Stoneware tray (I keep my bubble up brush kit and walnut scrubber sponge on it)
Walnut scrubber sponge - made from crushed walnuts and vegetable cellulose
Cleaning caddy
Hydrating bar soap (love love)

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PS - I wrote a blog post - ‘Are Your Cleaning Products Safe’. You might want to read it too. GREAT article from the NY Times linking air quality and vulnerability to infections. 

PLUS, their shipping dates are totally flexible and they have NO minimums. PLUS, as a VIP member you get FREE shipping and tons of gifts too!

I haven’t tried all of their products - just a few. But, I have to say, I do LOVE love love the cleaning products. No harsh smell or chemical residue. And, nothing harmful gets poured down the drain.

A few of my favorite Grove products are:

They also have glass spray bottles with products that you can mix with water - minimal waste and no plastic bottles. A big win for me!

This is the stoneware caddy and bubble up dish scrubber.  Occasionally they offer both in a pattern.  I love the wildflowers.

Don’t just take my word for it….you can check out Grove Collaborative right here.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as the ‘woman of the house’ I need to be the one to make all the changes. Do you feel that way too?

Check out Branch Basics too. Find out which ones suits you best.

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