Ditch the Budget

A budget is not a 4-letter word. It's a tool for you to use so that you can create your own financial freedom! Let me show you how!

(create a healthy savings plan instead)

In this Masterclass you'll discover how to:

This Masterclass begins July 29th!

Learn how to put together a map of your money - Your money map (aka budget) is THE tool that you need to get your money on the right path. So you know where it is going and not wonder where it went. You fill find the 'extra' money that you didn't even know you had and put that money to work FOR YOU.

Gain clarity on what you want your money to do for you - Simply put, your money dreams and goals are yours, and yours alone. When you know your goals you will be able to create a plan that helps you reach every single one.

Determine why your thoughts might be holding you back - When your thoughts are focused on lack rather than abundance...those thoughts are holding you back from your financial freedom. When you are able to pinpoint your mindset and make changes to the positive...your money will follow too! It's like magic!

This Masterclass....

Is a series of videos that will be released over a 5 day period of time. As each video becomes available you will receive an email letting you know it's ready when you are!

As a former budget counselor, I put together the same training that not only helped every single woman I met with get on track, I am confident that this training will help you too.

When you can create a healthy savings plan where your money is working for have freedom in, not only your financial choices, but in your life choices too!

Go on - enroll now. Your future self will thank you!

I'm a recovering broke girl who made every financial mistake in the book. I went from broke and in debt up to my eyeballs, to living my dream life...with money that works for me...without me working at all.

Whatever income we made...I spent. My husband set aside money in work retirement plans...I set aside none. Because I never thought about getting old...I would be forever young, right? (Me and Rod).

As our income increased so did your lifestyle. Bigger homes. Newer cars. Updated furniture.

We made every financial mistake in the book...and then some more...and we were in financial trouble. Big trouble.

At one point, at the age of 48, I was reading a book on money management. I got to the part that said that many people, when they retire, are so broke that they can only afford Alpo (dog food) to eat. I sat on that sofa and sobbed. Dog food? WHAT?!

That was my wake up call. I went to work. I made a plan. I established a strict budget. I paid off about $100,000 in debt. And I saved and saved and saved some more. I wanted to be the queen of cash!

Currently our money is working for us. My husband is retired and our investments pay us every month without either of us having to work one minute! (well...maybe not my husband.)

I share all of this for a reason.


I am so ready

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