For scrapbookers, project life peeps, and anyone else who wants to add audio and video to their projects....

Introducing the step-by-step course that shows you how to add QR codes to YOUR pages, cards, or tags...

Finally, add your most precious memories to your pages in digital form!

WITHOUT all of that tech overwhelm!

Isn't it time to add some oomph and pizzazz to your scrapbooks?

Ally H.

Thanks Jane. The course was very easy to understand and nothing was confusing. It all worked seamlessly. I love that it included audio and downloads. I learn both ways. I created QR codes for ticket sales during Covid and it was just perfect!

I made my very own QR code and it was just perfect!


Digital Memories 

Are you tired of digging through all of those tapes and DVD's to find the ONE memory you want to share?

Do you find it almost impossible to find the ONE video in your photo library among the other 20,000 videos?

Wouldn't you just love a easier way to find, and share, all of those amazing memories?

Let me ask you:

Guess what? THERE IS!

say "bye-bye" to memories that disappear over time. 

Say HELLO to preserving your memories for generations to come. 

preserve your memories.
share your memories.

Add VIDEO to your scrapbook pages!

From this...

To this...

(Scan with your phone)

From this...

To this...

(hit play to see it in action1)

A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned with your phone. It can contain audio recordings, video recordings, photos, written messages and more. 

Most new phones have a QR code reader built into the camera.  Hold your camera in front of the code below and see what happens. 

what is a qr code?

want to see it in action?

sound too good to be true?

Well...guess what? It is not only totally is fun and easy. I will SHOW you how to create a code that you can scrapbook, print out, and share... a QR code.

I have scoped out (and tested) the best websites for you to use.

I have created many projects to share with you.
INCLUDING how-to videos!





digital memories

you will learn how to:

From Audio & Video Recording to QR Code

Want to create this bookmark card?  How-to video included in the course!

What is this course all about?

This is why i love qr codes and create them as often as I can.

This is the beauty of qr codes

They are easy to create and you can keep them anyplace.  On your computer, on your phone or print them out to be scanned.

I recently lost a voicemail that I was saving and coveting. I would listen to my mother-in-law occasionally and remembered her fondly. I wish I would have known about QR codes because I definitely would have created one with her voice mail and kept it on my desk top to scan at any time.

Or you can add a QR code to your scrapbooks.  Record your own audio memory, or grab one of your kids' recordings, and place it on the page.  Years later it is so fun to listen to voices, see the videos or look at their handwriting.

near and dear to my own heart...

Christine c. 

Oh my gosh, Jane, this is wonderful. I am so excited to start creating my own projects. 

I can tell you put so much work into this and the instructions are excellent, 10*'s for sure.

In my younger days, I taught computer courses for hospital employees and created tutorials/course summaries for participants to take with them. This is not an easy task. I am very appreciative of the quality of your content. Thank you and keep it coming!!!


I enjoyed the entire tutorial. Very easy to follow and I am excited to create something similar for my daughter who is getting married next year. Thanks for sharing. 


40+ page step-by-step guide with screen shots PLUS how-to videos

Digital memories includes:

Digital memories also includes:

project ideas and examples PLUS easy to follow step-by-step videos 

creating a spotify code with a project video

creating a waveform image with a project video

ALL of this for only $39 or 3 easy payments of $15 each!

How-to project videos that are only available in the digital memories course


Digital Memories is a comprehensive step-by-step course that shows you how to create a QR code. There are video tutorials, as well as, PDF downloads complete with screen shots.

Spotify Project

Waveform Project

Not tech savvy? Not to worry.
the complete process is broken into
easy to follow steps.
Each step has a pdf guide for reference.

The instructions are simple. Actual screen shots and videos.  

There are 4 simple steps. A Step-by-Step Guide is included.

No time? Each code takes about 5-10 minutes to create from beginning to end.

Even if you don't scrapbook...preserving those audio and video files is important for future generations.

This system is tried and true.  You really can't mess up.

Afraid to go digital? No time?
Always mess up?
Not a scrapbooker?

Examples of what you will learn to create in the Digital Memories course

Print then Cut with Cricut

Cut a SVG

Print a code and make a card

Here is a sample of one of the videos in the Digital Memories course

(The actual 'how-to' is in horizontal mode)

You will learn how to create a sound code from a song and cut it out on your Cricut -
for a memory that will last forever! How-to video included. 

You will learn how to create a Waveform Image INCLUDING a how-to video



as a bonus

Peg v.

This is so cool. Thanks for helping me create my first QR code.


Complete money back guarantee. If this course does not help you create your QR codes let me know.

I will help you figure it out.

I am putting the risk on me! Money Back Guaranteed.

You want to digitize your memories

You want to share your memories with others in an easy way

You want to get creative with your memories and add QR codes to cards, tags or gifts

You are not tech savvy and need help

You are tired of searching the internet for all the steps.  Every step is here for you to use.

You want ideas and project videos for creating your codes

This is for you if...

05: will the course be updated?

Yes. The course will be updated as things change. All updates to the Step-by-Step Guide will be inside the course. 

04: how long do I have access to the course?


03: What happens after I hit the buy button?

You will receive an email from  Positively Jane Academy. The email will include all of your log in instructions for the course.

02: what type of qr code can i create?

You can create codes that will play videos and audio files. They can also display a photo or text. You can also link to a website.

01: Do i need a computer?

A computer is not a must but it sure makes creating the codes a lot easier. The bigger screen is helpful PLUS you can have multiple tabs open.

Common Q's & A's:

I still have a few questions...

06: will new projects be addeD?

Yes. As projects are created they will be added. You will be notified when they are available. 

I have been crafting since I was 7. At one point I was a big time scrapbooker. Currently I love all things paper.

As my kids get older, and begin having children of their own, I realized that scrapbook journaling is great...but videos in a scrapbook would be even better.  

It is so fun to look at a picture and hear the voice or watch a video clip.

And, why not create and send cards with me singing and talking? Yup - this is the way to go!

QR codes have become a very valuable tool for me. You will definitley discover the same love that I have once you complete this course

Jane Shine is a Joyful Liviing blogger and a passionate crafter.

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