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I searched and searched for NON toxic cleaning supplies that did not have high minimums or crazy shipping costs. Products that I could order online and have shipped directly to me!

I fell in love with 2 companies - Grove Collaborative and Branch Basics.

I found Branch Basics by mistake. You know how one thing leads to another which leads to another….the rabbit hole of information.

Well, this is one bit of information I am so happy I found.

They have many products to choose from.


Branch Basics

Can it get any easier than that? One products makes many! Wow!

My 2nd biggest LOVE of Branch Basics is….

Branch Basics products are human safe. 

Let me ask you - why oh why do we use cleaning products that are ‘harmful if swallowed’? What about just breathing in the fumes? And, why do we have to worry if a little one grabs a bottle by mistake? I am urging you to switch to human safe - your body will thank you. And so will your mind...because you don't have to worry about the little ones grabbing something by mistake. 

Also, their Oxygen Boost is, hands down, so much better than Oxyclean. PLUS it is non- toxic!!

Branch Basics has a bunch of different articles to read as well. Two of of my faves are:

‘Does Branch Basics Kill Germs.’
‘How to Create a non-toxic baby nursery.’

Don’t just take my word for it….you can check out Branch Basics right here. 

$10 off your 1st order (does not apply to kits). But, the products are so inexpensive you will be wishing your found them earlier. Go ahead and thank me for going down the ‘rabbit hole’ of information.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as the ‘woman of the house’ I need to be the one to make all the change. Do you feel that way too?

Ready for Branch Basics Before and After’s!

I sprayed All Purpose Cleaner in my oven. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Added some Oxygen Boost and gave it a little scrub. The glass door needed a bit more elbow grease…but LOOK! All this with a non toxic cleaner!

One of my biggest LOVES of Branch Basics is this - they have 1 concentrated product that makes ALL of your basic cleaning solutions.

You take that ONE product and add a specific amount of water to the bottle (you choose the size and style from Branch Basics), fill the rest with the concentrate and voila! - you now have window cleaner, counter cleaner - even laundry detergent. Each solution has its own bottle with its own water to concentrate ratio. So simple.

Big Hugs,

PS - I wrote a blog post - ‘Are Your Cleaning Products Safe’. You might want to read it too. GREAT article from the NY Times linking air quality and vulnerability to infections. 

This is my jet ski cover. I have never been able to get it clean. I sprayed All Purpose Cleaner on it, added Oxygen Boost and gave it a scrub. I then soaked it in the washer for about 2 hours with more Oxygen Boost and Laundry Detergent. NOT ONE bit of mold or mildew remained - even where there is elastic!

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