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Many years ago I decided that it was time that I bossed my money around….and not the other way around. I figured out how to, not only create a budget, but to stay within it’s guidelines too!

Now, money is a great thing to have. Money allows you to live indoors and have food on the table. Money is a commodity for for a vacation. Or a car. Or a house. But what happens when the money runs out? Or you lose your job? Then what?

I have lived with money...and without. During 1 period of 15 months we did not receive a paycheck. AND for 8ish years we only got paid 4 times a year. Talk about becoming the budgeting queen!

Managing money became a passion of mine. I used to be a budget counselor. I helped many people figure out their finances, save and stay on track while on a budget. I taught my kids, when they were little, how to stay on a budget. A habit that they keep with them today.


Budgets & Money

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain - ready to learn a thing or two? I KNOW I can help you too.




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pink rain boots sitting next to a pink umbrella in the rain. emergency fund

What are the benefits of an emergency fund? Have you ever had an expense that you could not pay for? Maybe someone fell and broke their arm and you did not have enough money for the medical bills. Or maybe your refrigerator needed repaired and you did not have the money to pay for the […]

hands resting on top of a wallet. Holding money and counting it

Let’s start with the basics. What is an emergency fund? And emergency is just that…money set aside for emergencies. I know…seems so simple, right?

woman looking at her phone with a very surprised and excited look on her face

A friend of mine sent a text the other day. It was the 2 year anniversary of her husband’s death and she said she missed him more each day. She also said ‘Be prepared.’

refrigerator with magnets on it

Have you ever had an expense that you could not pay for? Maybe someone fell and broke their arm and you did not have enough money for the medical bills.

image of a debt free January workbook

Wouldn’t you love to have a debt free January? Yup! I bet you would.

clear glass with coins and a tiny plant growing out of the money

Budgets….what comes to mind when you read or hear that word? Do you feel a sense of freedom or do you feel restticted?

metal cash box with dollar bills stacked inside

A sinking fund is a strategy, by way of you setting aside money each month, to save for future expenses. Like a vacation, new to you car, or an emergency fund.

Did you know that most Americans spend more than they earn?
Yup. 40% of people spend their future earnings. They borrow from their future for the present.

paper envelope with dollar bills coming out of it.

Funny thing about cash. You either love it or you hate it. The biggest thing about cash is this: You can’t spend more than you have. Have you noticed that too?

woman handing $10 to a little girl

Have YOU ever wondered why some kids are so careful with their spending? Why do some kids save and plan for their future? And then others are so far in debt, that even at such a young age, they are unsure if they will ever climb out of the pit?

notepad with glasses, coins and bills sitting on top

Life can certainly throw you curve balls now and again. Right? Who would have thought that our country would be shut down for weeks on end. Did you?

Some people love to go Christmas shopping and others….not so much. How about you? Where do you fit in? Do you know why you love it or why you hate it?

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