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crock pot freezer meals

I recently discovered Crock Pot Freezer meals and…be still my heart…I got so excited! I love to cook – just not every day.

pukkolla (muesli) in a bowl with a spoon

Pukkolla – what in the heck is that? Well, I used to live in England and fell in love with Jamie Oliver and his recipes. One of my faves is Pukkolla.

cookies in a bowl

Who doesn’t love a great cookie?! Especially a great peanut butter cookie. But, a great KETO cookie – isn’t that an oxymoron. If you are looking to feed your sweet tooth and stay away from sugar, grains, and wheat this cooke is for you! FREE recipe.

Cookies cooling on a rack

I received the new Magnolia Table Cookbook for Mother’s Day and love it!  The recipes are amazing and most are pretty easy to make. One night we had a ‘Joanna’ dinner – ALL the dishes, including the dessert (Crew’s Cookies), came from her cookbook. Check out the ‘Magnolia Table – Volume 2‘ cookbook. My daughter […]

jars of pesto stacked on top of each other

Pesto is yummy and it is easy to make. All you need is a large bunch of basil and 4 other ingredients. Growing your own basil is a big plus.

Words alone can NOT describe how yummy the salmon is when cooked this way. PLUS, it is super easy. As a matter of fact, it is my most requested recipe.

I recently made it for my husband. Before I made it, he proceed to tell me not to bother, that he did not like eggplant. It is a good thing I did not pay him any attention…

I love super easy ‘dump-it-all-in’ recipes. You too? I have made this chili recipe several times and it is so good.

I was in charge of snacks for our Small Group this past week. Since I love to bake…but try not to eat sugar (a very difficult thing since I have a HUGE sweet tooth), I bake for groups!

Do you have a favorite dessert, that no matter who you make it for, they love it as much as you and your family does?

Every year I look forward to figuring out what I am going to make for Christmas presents. I make gifts for my friends and family – and they are always handmade.

2 glass jars filled with tea, a Scoby and covered with a cloth. Ready to ferment to make kombucha

What is kombucha? Is it good for you? Does it taste good? What are the benefits?

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